5 Transitional Decor Items Throughout the Seasons

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5 Transitional Decor Items Throughout the Seasons

Fall is just around the corner, and I can already smell and taste it. I haven’t had the infamous PSL this year, but I am all about the cooler weather, the changing and fall of the leaves, big fluffy sweaters, and, of course, fall décor.

One thing that has always stumped me with the changing of seasons and holidays is the change of décor. It can be so much fun to go out and buy new décor every year, but then that décor starts to pile up. The next thing you know your closets and attic are full. It would be nice to have some décor that could transition with the seasons, right?

Well, that is why I am here to share with you 5 transtional décor items that I think are great throughout the change of seasons.

1. Wicker/Woven Baskets

Not only are baskets great for storage, but they also add texture to a room. Taller baskets can be great for the entry way to hold gear such as walking sticks and umbrellas. Medium sized baskets can be great for living rooms to put blankets, pillows, or toys inside. Shorter baskets are great for tables and display. Baskets can be great for all seasons because inside of switching out the basket with something else, all you have to do is switch out the items inside the basket.

2. Galvanized Metal

What I love about galvanized metal is how versatile it is. Galvanized metal décor is a staple because of the character it can bring to a room. It can be found new, old, aged, patinaed, shiny, or dull. What is great about galvanized metal is that it can be used inside or outside and give any area a nice modern, rusty, or farmhouse look. It also looks good with all color styles of the seasons.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

3. Cotton Stems

The hardest part about changing décor each season for me is finding the right greenery, flowers, and wreaths to go with the changing season. I also have a lot of florals and wreaths because of this. The reason I love cotton stems so much is because they go with every season. Throw some cotton stems in a clear blue vase, a galvanized pitcher, or milk glass, and you could go the whole year without changing them out.

4. Tobacco Baskets

Tobacco baskets are another very versatile item. They can be hung on walls, stacked together, put as centerpieces, sat on top of dressers or buffets, and even laid against the wall. What is even better is that they can be set out on their own, or they can be dressed up with a cute wreath, floral decorations, glassware, or candles just to name a few. Because of its wood accent, it also brings in a natural vibe to a space that may be too clean cut or one color.

5. Glass Bottles

I absolutely love using glass bottles in my décor especially when the bottles have a slight hint of color to them like blue, pink, or brown. They are great for using as vases and have more character than your standard vase, I think. They are a great transition staple because not only can you use them in a group on their own, but you can also change out the florals in them or leave the cotton stems in them like I had mentioned before. They are a neutral item that give a lot of character but are simple enough to go with any look.

I hope this list of 5 transitional décor items really helps you in your search for bettering your home and making it simpler when it is time to change out the décor for the seasons. If you would like to buy any of these items, we do carry a variety of these options in our store. Stop by today! We would love to help you find that perfect something for your home.


What are some of your favorite transitional pieces throughout the year?


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