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If you have been debating about hiring an interior decorator, here are some reasons why you should stop debating and take the plunge. Reasons to Hire an Interior Decorator Reason #1 Professional Evaluation An interior decorator can be seen as a second pair of eyes. They may see something that you do not and can make changes and assessments accordingly. When the decorator evaluates the home or space, they will get to know you as the customer and what you want to create. It is not just an evaluation of a space but of the customer as well. Reason #2...

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That’s correct! You read that right! I am now offering Interior Decorating Services in the Oklahoma City area! (I can always venture a little further than that ;)) How did I get started with Interior Decorating? I have always loved design ever since I was a kid thanks to my mom and dad. My mom always had the house decorated and would always decorate my room a certain way. She was a hairdresser, but if you’re in that business, then you know how much creativity goes into it. She has always been the creative type. My dad was many things...

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More and more people are turning to antiques for decorating their homes. Not only do they love the look, but they also love the feeling that antiques give to their homes. Most antique decorating includes the basic-chair, sofa, tables, and lamps, but the complete job also includes accessories - wall decorations, and fine handwoven oriental rugs on hardwood or stone floors. Whether you're looking for home decorating ideas to give your house a trendy makeover, or if you’re doing up your house for the first time, mirrors should be an integral part of your decor. Not only are they versatile...

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