Interior Design: Industrial Carts

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Interior Design: Industrial Carts

Industrial Carts, Stand The Test Of Time

The interior design just took a new and unexpected turn. Admittedly, the world of design and fashion goes in cycles, however; this new concept seems like it's here to stay. I am talking about the industrial style and design that has literally taken over the look of most homes.

The industrial design which is also referred to as industrial chic goes against the norm in terms of interior décor. Its looks and feel definitely stands out, to create an unfinished yet aesthetic space. The industrial design incorporates the warehouse look by adding style elements such as Metal light fixtures, metal casters that are used as coffee tables, vintage furniture, exposed pipes and so forth. The result of such style elements is what most interior décor enthusiasts like to term as, the warehouse look. One thing stands out with the industrial chic elements: the Industrial Cart. These antique pieces of furniture can be used in any and every room in your home. Before we get into details of their comeback into the design and fashion world, let us take a look at their history.

History Of Industrial Carts

Industrial carts are not a new thing. They started way back in the 1800's during the industrial revolution, and have since proved to be long lasting and functional. However, when they were first invented in the 1800's, they were not used as fashion statements or for interior décor. They were created to carry factory items and move them along within the factory walls. Industrial carts were used for this purpose due to the material they were made out of cast iron. Cast iron, as they discovered, was strong enough to support and carry factory materials without difficulty. In a bid to make the Carts lighter to move around, they incorporated hardwood frames and wooden planks.

As time went on, the U.S slowly turned into a more service-oriented economy than a manufacturing-oriented economy. Hence, factories become less commonplace. These old factories and warehouses become residential homes for most, leading to the birth of the industrial look or design.

What Makes Them Stand Out?


From our look into history, industrial carts have come a long way. Since their inception, they have changed in look and design. Most of them were created differently in terms of style to make them viable, as well as match their function and purpose. Most of the carts used today date back to 1900's; hence, they have the ability to maintain a sense of individuality and difference. This element of individuality makes that much more viable in the interior design world. They have the ability to lend your current décor a sense of individuality. Meaning, that to create a raw look for your home, you can merely incorporate a few industrial elements.


Historically, we have seen that carts were created to carry out hefty tasks. Due to their purpose in a factory, it was required that they were built to last and withstand heavy weight. This is why industrial carts from the 1900's are still in effect today.

The material that most of them are made out of is cast iron. Cast iron is very strong in compression making them ideal and long lasting.


Industrial carts can be used for a number of purposes and can be used in any room. They can be used to hold books, to create the look of a shelf or unique bookcase in the bedroom. Carts can also be used to hold bathroom or kitchen utilities. Most households have discovered that industrial carts are useful in the garden as well. Moreover, they complement the room or area that you've placed the cart in.

Their functional nature can help for organizational purposes. They have proved to be quite effective in keeping the kid's room organized and neat.

Functional Yet Aesthetic

Industrial carts are not only functional, but aesthetic as well. They add a fresh and new look to a room. Most individuals, more specifically the Millenials, are looking for a different look from what they grew up on. And the industrial look is exactly it. The raw look that an industrial rustic metal brings to a house is personal, with a touch of warmth. Moreover, they are reasonably priced. However, they do range in price depending on what type of Cart you are interested in.

In conclusion, the industrial chic look is bold, yet simplistic. Industrial carts can be used for many purposes and functions. Investing in one will be worthwhile due to their durability and versatility. Many vintage stores, including Target, offer a wide variety of industrial furniture and décor. Visit one today and give your house a different look. Remember, you can just incorporate a few industrial elements to your already existing décor.

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